Why Is Body Butter Good for Your Skin 

Body-care products that you see in markets are conventionally made up of synthetic fragrance, hazardous chemicals, microbeads, preservatives, and other dubious ingredients. Fortunately, there are healthier and safer alternatives to these harsh soaps that you can use.? 


In this article, we will be talking about the natural alternatives you can use such as whipped body butter, essential oils, and all other ingredients and soaps that are safer yet effective in keeping your skin nourished.? 


Body Butters? 


Body butters, especially those that are natural are richer and thicker compared with other body creams. They are also effective even if you have dry or sensitive skin, and do not induce negative effects that most synthetic soaps do. These body butters may contain cocoa, shea, or mango butter. They can also be made with essential oils like grapeseed, jojoba, almond, coconut, olive — and the list goes on. All of these butters and essential oils are known to keep your skin moisturized, hydrated, and healthy. There are many ways on how you can use your body butters including the following: 


  1. All-body moisturizer – natural body butters are commonly known for their moisturizing or hydrating effects, which are long-lasting, unlike other cosmetic products. That is why they are commonly used as an all-body moisturizer. To use, it is recommended that you use it after every bath when your skin is still moist. All you can do is to apply a little bit of body butter by stroking some parts of your body like what you do when massaging. This helps in absorbing the nutrients and properties of the body butter. Avoid putting too much butter on your body as it could make your feel greasy.?


  1. make-up remover – while there are many ways to remove your make-up, you can also use your body butter to remove sticky make-up! Because body butterscan moistenany surface, you can use them to remove some dirt and make-up from your face. To do this, dampen your cotton pad with a little bit of body butter in order to dissolve the make-up on your face. You can even use it to effectively remove waterproof mascara from your eyes, just make sure you do not put some butter in your eyes.? 


  1. hand cream – if you have dry hands, then using body butter may help you in keeping them moisturized and soft. Moreover, if you have been using your hands for gardening, you can wipe the dirt away by using body butter. It removes the dirt and at the same time keeps your hand soft.?


  1. moisturizer for neglected areas like lips, elbow, knees, and neckline – body butter is more moisturizing than other creams you see in the market.This is whyyou can use it to effectively soften neglected areas like your neckline, elbow, knees, and even lips. Just make sure you do not use the same product when you apply it to your lips on a regular basis. Use a different product when using more exposed areas like the elbow and knees.? 


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